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Chuck Shih, PhD

Fellow, Policy Impact of Comparative Effectiveness Research

Dr. Chuck Shih holds the two-year fellowship in comparative effectiveness research (CER) policy, a new position offered by the National Pharmaceutical Council and The George Washington University (GWU) School of Public Health and Health Services. In his role at NPC and GWU, Dr. Shih addresses the health care policy implications and application of CER.

Before coming to NPC, Dr. Shih served as an analyst in the Coverage and Analysis Group at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) where he worked on Medicare coverage policy for medical devices, pharmaceuticals and procedures. Prior to joining CMS, he was a fellow at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) where he worked on CER evidence reports and systematic reviews in the Effective Health Care Program.

Dr. Shih received his PhD and MHS from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and his BS from The Johns Hopkins University.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Berry SA, Johns B, Shih C, Walker DG. The cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination in Malawi. J Infect Dis 2010; 202 Suppl: S108-15.
  • Shih C, Berliner E. Diffusion of new technology and payment policies: coronary stents. Health Affairs 2008; 27(6): 1566-76.
  • Sedrakyan A, Shih C. Improving depiction of benefits and harms: analyses of studies of well-known therapeutics and review of high-impact medical journals. Medical Care 2007; 45(Suppl 10): S23-8.
Chuck Shih