How Are Stakeholder Views Incorporated into Value Assessment Frameworks? Watch NPC's New Video

Incorporating Stakeholder Views into Value Assessment Frameworks

How do we measure the value of a health care treatment?

In a new, animated informational video, the National Pharmaceutical Council explains how different organizations are trying to address this question through the development of value assessment frameworks. As the video discusses, frameworks can be useful tools for health care decision-making, but as of today, they are still works in progress and need to consider value measurement through a broader, patient-focused lens.

To learn more about frameworks, make sure to read NPC’s Guiding Practices for Patient-Centered Value Assessment to learn about key components that should be included to help patients, and Current Landscape: Value Assessment Frameworks to see how existing frameworks stack up. For a deeper dive, read our summary report from our Assessing Value: Promise and Pitfalls conference exploring value frameworks, or watch the full video archive from the conference.