More Than Just One Number: Assessing The Value of Innovative Treatments

Dan Leonard, NPC President and CEO

In a commentary for Specialty Pharmacy Times, National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) President and CEO Dan Leonard takes a closer look at what changes are needed to ensure that value assessments can be useful tools for health care decision-making. It's critical that value assessment be patient-centered, he explains, and holds up NPC’s Guiding Practices for Patient-Centered Value Assessment as a guidepost in framing NPC's constructive feedback to groups like the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review and calling for the inclusion of the patient voice in value assessments.

Mr. Leonard writes, "Value assessment frameworks are expected to play a more pivotal role in decisions that affect future patient choice and access. Our challenge now is to ensure that existing frameworks like ICER’s adhere to value assessment guiding practices. Complex and often difficult decisions are necessary as we seek to measure value in health care, but taking steps today to ensure that the process is collaborative and grounded in best practices moving forward is in the best interest of patients."

Read the full commentary on the Specialty Pharmacy Times website.