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News from Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Califf Outlines Clinical Trial Reform Message, Which Could Travel With Him To Commissioner’s Office

(11/22, Derrick Gingery, Pink Sheet) reports “...Califf said that observational data analysis can be beneficial, but in many situations randomization is necessary. He said the COVID-19 pandemic showed that researchers must pay close attention to data quality and consider whether prospective research is better than analyzing existing data. A cardiologist and clinical trialist, Califf has advocated for randomizing patients within practice settings to obtain real-world evidence and assess treatment benefits and risks...The FDA also continues to grow its use of real-world evidence in the hopes that it could be used more widely to support regulatory decisions. A real-world evidence pilot program is planned during the upcoming prescription drug user fee cycle.” Paid Subscription Required


The Merits of Administrative Benchmarks for Population-Based Payment Programs

(11/23, Michael E. Chernew, PhD, Jermaine Heath, AB, and J. Michael McWilliams, MD, PhD, The American Journal of Managed Care) comments “...Selection effects are also a significant concern if participation is voluntary (which will likely be the case in many models (or model tracks). Specifically, if spending is persistent and predictable, organizations anticipating spending below the benchmark may participate and those anticipating higher spending may opt not to do so. Even if ACOs cannot predict spending growth and benefit from selective participation, the variation in spending growth across regions may lead ACOs in some areas to face penalties. The risk of this may deter participation. However, over time the wedge between benchmarks and actual FFS spending will encourage participation and shield ACOs against losses.” Full

Press Releases

NICE Creates New Menu of Treatment Options for Those Suffering from Depression

(11/23, NICE Press Release) “...An independent NICE guideline committee has developed the first guideline for 12 years to identify, treat and manage depression in adults. It has looked at the evidence on the treatment of new depressive episodes, chronic depression, preventing relapse, patient choice, and the organisation of, and access to, mental health services.” Full


Risk of Bias in Observational Studies Using Routinely Collected Data of Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Meta-Research Study

Van Thu Nguyen, et al.

November 23, 2021, BMC Medicine

BMC Medicine


Introducing the Treatment Hierarchy Question in Network Meta-Analysis

Georgia Salanti, et al.

November 23, 2021, American Journal of Epidemiology

American Journal of Epidemiology