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News from Monday, May 20, 2024


Value Viewpoint: May 17, 2024

(5/17, Kimberly Westrich, LinkedIn) comments “...In Mapping Health Technology Assessment Agency Approaches for Biosimilar Value Assessment: An ISPOR Special Interest Group Report, the ISPOR Biosimilar Special Interest Group determined that, in many cases, ‘biosimilar reimbursement decisions do not need to be systematically informed by HTAs. Nevertheless, conducting HTAs can be occasionally relevant. For example, when: (1) the originator is not reimbursed, (2) the biosimilar marketing authorization holder seeks reimbursement for indications/populations, pharmaceutical forms, methods and routes of administration that differ with respect to the originator, and (3) a price premium is sought for a biosimilar based on an added-value claim.’” Full


ICER Finds 'Substantial Concerns' With MDMA Clinical Trials

(5/17, Luke Zarzecki, InsideHealthPolicy) reports “...[ICER’s] report, a departure from its typical practice of assessing a drug's monetary value, raises questions about the evidence for what could be a landmark FDA approval of a psychedelic drug...Lykos' spokesperson told IHP the current ICER report, which revised an earlier version, ‘did not reflect substantial changes despite the input from 70 plus therapists and investigators involved in our studies and continues to reflect sentiment that the report is based on incomplete data from a limited source of information.’ The spokesperson cited an April opinion piece on the website Psychedelic Alpha in which a group of ‘clinical investigators, clinicians, supervisors, trainers, and medical monitors’ voiced concerns over the ICER report. They say certain aspects of the trials are misrepresented in the report.” Subscription Required


IQVIA Report Highlights Shifts in Medicine Use, Spending Across Therapy Areas

(5/17, Rose McNulty, The American Journal of Managed Care) reports “...The analysis found that the use of health care services, including visits, diagnostics, elective procedures, and drugs, declined 3% in 2023 vs 2022 based on the IQVIA Health Services Utilization Index...The index tracks patient visits, screenings and diagnostic tests, elective procedures, new prescriptions, and vaccinations, all of which saw 4% to 6% reductions aside from new prescriptions, which grew 3%...Unlike the overall Health Services Utilization Index, total prescription medicine use increased by 3% in 2023, reaching 210 billion days of therapy.” Full


Senators Draft Bipartisan Bill Streamlining Rx Drug Prior Auth Requirements

(5/17, Dorothy Mills-Gregg, InsideHealthPolicy) reports “...A bipartisan group of five senators are continuing to focus on ensuring prior authorization requirements aren't used to ration coverage to care, announcing Friday (May 17) they are introducing a bill that would streamline access to prescription drugs that require a health plan's approval.” Subscription Required


Bernie Sanders May Have Reached the Limits of His Pharma Pressure Campaign

(5/20, Rachel Cohrs Zhang, STAT Plus) reports “...The newest frontier in Sanders' war on the pharmaceutical industry prompts the question of what success really looks like. Is it lower list prices? Lower costs for patients? Simply putting pharma industry executives in the spotlight? Peter Maybarduk, the access to medicines director at the progressive group Public Citizen, argues that even though Sanders may not be making systemic policy change, that doesn't mean the effort has been for naught.” Subscription Required

Press Releases

10 Years, 10 Reasons to Celebrate Advances in Patient-Centered Research Powered by PCORnet® this International Clinical Trials Day

(5/20, PCORnet Press Release) “May 20 is International Clinical Trials Day, and this year’s theme of ‘Trailblazers Among Us’ offers an excellent opportunity to look back on the 10 years since PCORnet® was developed with funding from PCORI to support a transformational shift toward national-scale, patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research. What started as a vision to bypass the traditional silos hindering research insights has since become a powerful infrastructure with proven success across hundreds of studies seeking fast, representative answers that are meaningful to patients and caregivers.” Full


Center for Participatory Research Tests Strategies to Boost Diversity and Community Leadership in Research

(5/20, The University of New Mexico Press Release) “...Funded through a $2 million grant by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), this scaled-up project is built on 18 years of identifying the best community-based participatory research practices at the project and partnership levels. The three-year project, from 9/2024-2027, will test strategies to increase patient and community leadership in research and build the necessary academic infrastructures to support the effort.” Full


Matched vs Nonmatched Placebos in a Randomized Trial of COVID-19 Treatments

Gilmar Reis, PhD, et al.

May 20, 2024, JAMA Network Open

JAMA Network Open


The Use of Medicines in the U.S. 2024: Usage and Spending Trends and Outlook to 2028

May 7, 2024