NPC @ Paying for Cures: Ensuring Patient Access and System Sustainability

Feb. 12, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Innovative and potentially curative therapies for life-threatening cancers and genetic disorders are becoming available now, and many more are in the pipeline. These new therapies can be transformative to patients facing serious illness—but the science is getting ahead of the health care system, which is not prepared to sustain the costs associated with them. Successfully meeting the emerging challenges of financing durable/potentially curative therapies will take the hands-on engagement of all stakeholders in the health care system.

The FoCUS Project in the NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT—a consortium of medical, industry, scientific, policy, and financial leaders—is identifying the barriers to patient access and collaboratively designing tools and strategies to overcome them.

The Paying for Cures Conference will share the research and outline critical actions we can take together to make these potentially transformative new therapies available to patients and sustainable by all stakeholders in the health care system.

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Paying for Cures is generously sponsored by the National Pharmaceutical Council, the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, MedImpact, Anthem, FasterCures, and the FoCUS Project of the NEWDIGS Initiative at MIT.


Part 1: Understanding curative and durable therapies
Why are we here? The science, patients and system readiness for curative therapies 
Cell & Gene Therapies Drug Development Pipeline

Part 2: Challenges to accessibility 
Financial Challenges Imposed by Curative Therapies: Real or Imagined? 
Keynote: Senator Bill Cassidy 
The FoCUS Project: Precision Financing Solutions

Part 3: Clearing the way for cures 
Putting Theory into Practice 
Identifying Opportunities for Enabling Precision Financing
Keynote: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse