NPC @ Value-based Health Care Congress 2018

Oct. 22-23, 2018
Alexandria, Va.

Join NPC President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Leonard, MA, at the sixth annual Value-based Health Care Conference (VBHCC), hosted by World Congress in Alexandria, Va., on Oct. 22-23. The VBHCC offers four co-located summits focusing on different areas of health care, but Mr. Leonard will be a panel speaker at the cross-industry keynote panel on Oct. 23, addressing attendees of all four summits as part of a panel to “Understand Network Partner Priorities to Strengthen Value-based Arrangements and Outcomes.” 


Monday, Oct. 22, 4:45 p.m.

VBHCC Keynote Address: Understand Network Partner Priorities to Strengthen Value-based Arrangements and Outcomes

Partners within value-based networks struggle to understand each other’s priorities and needs, which often results in unaligned goals and reduces the efficacy of high-value care. Join the discussion as pharmaceutical companies, plans, PBMS, and providers, explore their respective goals to uncover a shared vision for reducing and sharing risk.

  • Better control drug pricing while expanding access for high-cost patients
  • Implement quality metrics as the basis for financial agreements to ensure that sharing costs does not impact high-quality care and outcomes
  • Improve communication with other stakeholders to design arrangements that respect organizational needs and priorities
  • Redesign network partnerships to bend the cost curve through more appropriate resource utilization



Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown, MPH
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer
Morehouse Choice ACO


Adam KautznerAdam Kautzner, PharmD
Vice President, Supply Chain Product and Strategy
Express Scripts


Dan Leonard

Dan Leonard
National Pharmaceutical Council


Brigitte Nettesheim

Brigitte Nettesheim
President, Joint Venture Market Operations


Richard Snyder

Richard Snyder, MD 
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Independence Blue Cross


Miriam Sullivan

Miriam Sullivan
Vice President, Pharmacy and Clinical Operations
Tufts Health Plan