Webinar: 2016 CER and the Environment for Health Care Decision-Making

March 14 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

NPC revealed how health care stakeholders answered these questions on March 14, during its annual webinar on CER and the environment for health care decision-making

Since 2011, NPC has surveyed health care stakeholders to gauge their attitudes about topics such as: 

  • Whether CER is already having an impact on decision-making, or if they expect to see that impact in the future; 
  • Which organizations are considered key players in funding, monitoring and developing standards for CER; and 
  • How their perceptions of CER have changed. 

In addition to assessing the key players in the CER effort, the survey also considers the status of several issues affecting the current health care environment, such as the use of real-world evidence, transparency in the processes for how evidence is interpreted and the completeness of the evidence base.