Webinar: Barriers to Paying for Value

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
12 p.m.-1 p.m. Eastern Time

Paying for prescription medicines based on their value to patients is increasingly seen as a promising technique to combat rising medication costs. But while other parts of the health care sector are moving rapidly toward value-based arrangements, why are biopharmaceutical manufacturers and payers holding back?

Join the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) for a webinar, "Barriers to Paying for Value," highlighting its recently published paper examining how regulatory barriers limit value-based contracting. Register now to join us on Tuesday, June 26, from 12 p.m.–1 p.m. ET.

Through both a qualitative and quantitative analysis, NPC’s white paper, Regulatory Barriers Impair Alignment of Biopharmaceutical Price and Value, found four main regulatory and legal barriers that are standing in the way of advancing value-based contracts in health care. These barriers include existing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement mechanisms, and laws governing how organizations can partner with each other. The paper focuses on how each regulatory barrier impacts value-based contracting for medicines used to treat large patient populations.

NPC’s webinar will discuss the impact of value-based contracting on access to biopharmaceuticals, barriers to financing curative therapies, a comprehensive solution for Medicaid’s Best Price policy and take a deeper dive into the anti-kickback statute. Speakers include: