E.V.I.dently August 2019

Message from NPC

The Best Ideas Aren’t Always From Washington

In his latest commentary, National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) President and CEO Dan Leonard explores health care concerns and ideas for improvement discussed at recent regional town halls hosted by the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) and NPC.

NPC Now: A Look at Our Latest Work

As Value Assessments Evolve, Are They Ready for Prime Time?

Value assessment frameworks are increasingly being used by health care decision makers as tools to measure the relative value of services and treatments. However, a new analysis from NPC found that, while “value assessment frameworks are moving closer to meeting the challenge of accurately measuring value and reliably informing health care decisions,” these frameworks – in their current state – are not ready for prime time and should not be “the sole input for these decisions.”

Research and Info You Need to Know

ICER Seeks Public Input on 2020 Value Framework and Single/Short-Term Transformative Therapies Drafts

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) this month released two draft documents for public comment that could have implications for how life-saving medicines are valued. The first document, Value Assessment Methods for “Single or Short-Term Transformative Therapies (SSTs)," would make changes to how ICER considers the value of curative treatments.

The second document is a revised version of ICER’s draft 2020 value assessment framework. NPC intends to submit comments on both documents. To read prior comments that NPC submitted to ICER, check out the commentary section of the NPC website.

Value Assessments: Incorporating Patient Benefits and Perspectives in ICER Reviews of Allergy and Asthma Treatments

Tonya Winders, CEO and President, Allergy & Asthma Network, discusses her involvement in the peanut allergy value assessment process and shares her experiences in working with her members and the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review.

ICYMI: Articles of Note

  • The Potential Impact of CAR T-Cell Treatment Delays on Society. Julia Thornton Snider, PhD, et al., Aug. 13, 2019, The American Journal of Managed Care
  • Assessing Heterogeneity of Treatment Effect Analyses in Health-Related Cluster Randomized Trials: A Systematic Review. Monique Anderson Starks, et al., Aug. 12, 2019, PLOS One
  • The Relationship Between Health Spending And Social Spending In High-Income Countries: How Does the U.S. Compare? Irene Papanicolas, et al. Aug. 14, 2019, Health Affairs
  • Expanding the Use of Real-World Evidence in Regulatory and Value-Based Payment Decision-Making for Drugs and Biologics. G. William Hoagland and Janet M. Marchibroda, Aug. 21, 2019, Bipartisan Policy Center

Events and Education

Health Spending: Moving From Theory to Action

You are invited to join Health Affairs and NPC on Sept. 11 in Washington, DC, for an important event, “Health Spending: Moving From Theory to Action.” The event will address the pressures presented by soaring health costs on individuals, employers, and government; strategies among payers and others to promote cost effective care; and efforts currently underway to bring costs under control. Register online today!

NPC @ FT Pharma Pricing and Value Summit 2019

At the FT Pharma Pricing and Value Summit 2019, being held Sept. 26 in New York City, NPC Chief Science Officer and EVP Robert Dubois, MD, PhD, will take part in a moderated panel debate with ICER Executive Vice President and COO Sarah Emond on the future of value assessment frameworks in the U.S. Other topics on the Summit agenda include pricing pressures for 2020 and beyond, strategies for bringing advanced therapies to market, an update on progress of the government’s Blueprint to lower drug prices, and the use of real-world evidence in pricing models.

As a supporting sponsor of the event, NPC members receive 10% off of registration. Use promo code FT10NP to take advantage of this offer when booking online.

Building Trust in Real-World Evidence: The Role of Study Registration

This International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Summit will be a forum for discussion of the work of the Real World Transparency Partnership, led by ISPOR, the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE), Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, and NPC, and involving a number of other organizations and stakeholders. Held in Baltimore, Md., on Oct. 11, the Summit will focus on the key elements needed for the creation of a common registration site for real-world studies meant to test hypotheses about comparative-effectiveness or safety. Preregistration of such study protocols on a public website would help build trust that their results can be used for decision-making purposes. The work already completed in this effort will be presented and the future steps envisioned will be discussed with Summit attendees. Click here to register.