E.V.I.dently October 2019

Message From NPC

Good Evidence, Good Policy and Good News for Patients With High-Deductible Health Plans

New guidance from the United States Treasury is poised to ease the high out-of-pocket costs patients with chronic diseases face each year when their deductible resets to zero. In his latest commentary for Specialty Pharmacy Times, National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) President and CEO Dan Leonard, MA, explains how research supported by NPC and conducted by VBID Health demonstrates the health and cost benefits of expanding HDHP pre-deductible coverage to include care for certain chronic conditions.

NPC Now: A Look at Our Latest Work

The Future of Health Spending

NPC President and CEO Dan Leonard spoke at the 2019 Milken Future of Health Summit as part of the panel, “Walking the Drug-Pricing Tightrope: Fostering Innovation While Maintaining Affordability.” He and fellow panelists – Seema Verma of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Matthew Eyles from America's Health Insurance Plans, and Mark McClellan of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy – discussed strategies for tackling health spending, fostering continued innovation and ensuring patient access to care.

Real-World Evidence: Trust, But Verify

At the ISPOR Summit 2019, NPC Vice President of Comparative Effectiveness Research Jennifer Graff, PharmD, participated in panel discussions focusing on the role of study registration in building trust in real-world evidence (RWE) and shared perspectives on the steps needed to advance the credibility and acceptance of RWE by decision-makers. A white paper is open for comment through Nov. 15.

The Roadmap to a Value Model That Supports Breakthrough Innovation

How can we manage the wave of innovation seen in CAR-T, cell, gene and curative therapies, and innovate payment models that keep pace with breakthrough curative therapies? During a webinar hosted by eyeforpharma on October 18, NPC VP of Research Mike Ciarametaro, MBA, joined a panel discussion focused on addressing ways that payers and biopharmaceutical companies can work together to address affordability and create patient access.

Applications Open for NPC/Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Health Care Policy

NPC, in partnership with the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, is accepting applications for a post-doctoral fellowship in health policy based in Washington, D.C. The fellow will have the opportunity to explore the policy implications of health services research, design studies to help inform policy options and engage with a diverse set of stakeholders in Washington, D.C., and at Duke University. Learn more about the fellowship and how to apply.

ICYMI: Articles of Note

  • Joynt Maddox KE, McClellan MB. Editorial: Toward Evidence-Based Policy Making to Reduce Wasteful Health Care Spending. October 7, 2019, JAMA
  • Chambers JD, Panzer AD, Kim DD, Margaretos NM, Neumann PJ. Variation in US Private Health Plans' Coverage of Orphan Drugs. October 8, 2019, The American Journal of Managed Care
  • Bartlett VL, Dhruva SS, Shah ND, et al. Feasibility of Using Real-World Data to Replicate Clinical Trial Evidence. October 9, 2019, JAMA Network Open
  • Figueroa JF, et al. Disappointment in the Value-Based Era: Time for a Fresh Approach? October 9, 2019, JAMA
  • Shrank WH, Rogstad TL, Parekh N. Waste in the US Health Care System: Estimated Costs and Potential for Savings. October 7, 2019, JAMA

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