Comparative Effectiveness Research Informational Series

Although the concept of comparative effectiveness research (CER) is not new, it is important to establish a clear definition and understanding of why it is so prominent today and the many related issues and initiatives under consideration in Washington.To facilitate this understanding, the National Pharmaceutical Council has developed a series of informational pieces, which taken together provide an overview of CER. Each of the following items outlines a specific aspect of CER in a short, easy-to-read format:Defining Evidence-Based Medicine and Comparative Effectiveness ResearchA Brief History of Comparative Effectiveness Research and Evidence-Based MedicineNPC’s Key Considerations on Comparative Effectiveness ResearchComparative Effectiveness Research Provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care ActComparison of Comparative Effectiveness Research Legislative Activities in the Context of NPC’s CER Recommendations to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Federal Coordinating Committee on Comparative Effectiveness Research (FCCCER) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)Additional Resources