Dig Into Health Spending Issues With a Going Below the Surface Email Subscription

One of the most pressing issues facing our nation is how to optimize health care spending in a way that sustains next-generation innovation while continuing to improve overall patient well-being and health system efficiencies.

The National Pharmaceutical Council is pleased to share the launch of a new e-newsletter, Going Below the Surface, that is solely focused on this vital issue. The e-newsletter will take a critical look at our health care system and advance important conversations around how we spend our nation’s health care dollars. It will be issued on a monthly basis and we encourage you to subscribe so that you can monitor and participate in this important conversation.

With partners across the industry, NPC sponsors and promotes research that gets to the root of our nation’s spending on health care, as well as what we are getting in return. The Going Below the Surface e-newsletter is the next step in these efforts to curate a research-based conversation focused on yielding solutions instead of assigning blame.

Subscribe today to begin receiving timely update about relevant peer-reviewed journal articles, commentary on emerging trends and themes that relate to the broader issue of health care spending in the United States. Watch for the first issue coming this month.