Incorporating Stakeholder Views Into Value Assessment Frameworks

How can we measure the value of a health care treatment? To address this question, as well as to address concerns about increasing health care costs, several organizations developed value assessment frameworks. 

Value assessments are a new and evolving area, and they have the potential to have a tremendous impact on patient treatment decisions, as well as on coverage and reimbursement decisions.

While we recognize the importance of evaluating treatment costs, many of these frameworks fall short in their efforts to balance this evaluation with a comprehensive consideration of benefits to the patient. By not incorporating the full value and benefits of medical innovation, as well as the patient's input, frameworks will fall short of their goal to meaningfully assess value.

To keep patient concerns front and center, it’s important to assess the issue of value through a broader, patient-focused lens. Learn more about what value assessments are and how we can incorporate patient views by watching this video from the National Pharmaceutical Council.

For more information, read our Guiding Practices for Patient-Centered Value Assessment.