Kimberly Westrich Talks Benefit Design with AJMC

NPC's Vice President of Health Services Research, Kimberly Westrich, MA, discusses how the healthcare system can incentivize high-value care.

The American Journal of Managed Care posted a four-part video series with NPC’s Kimberly Westrich. Each video addresses pressing topics in value-based care and good practices for #BuildingBetterBenefits. The discussions were taken from Ms. Westrich's panel discussion at the National Alliance 2021 Annual Forum titled, “Building Better Benefits: Rethinking Value-based Benefit Design.”

The video series includes:


Building Blocks

How Can We Build Better Benefits?

Poorly designed health insurance can create barriers for patients in accessing high-value therapies. By implementing evidence-based, patient-centered solutions we can modernize benefit design to improve patent access while also controlling costs. 

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