NPC Comments on Proposed Changes for ICER Value Assessment Framework

NPC's comments highlight key concerns related to proposed changes to ICER's 2023 Value Assessment Framework.

NPC submitted comments to the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) regarding proposed changes to their 2023 Value Assessment Framework. The comments focus on the shortcomings of ICER’s proposed changes in terms of transparency, credibility, and methodological rigor, and the letter is centered on the following core recommendations:

  • ICER’s assessments should rely on scientifically supported methods and align with best practices for value assessment.
  • ICER proposes multiple changes intended to tackle pervasive problems in the healthcare system, including accounting for health equity, productivity, and patient engagement. Significant improvements are needed to address these problems in reliable, appropriate, and patient-focused value assessments.
  • ICER is progressively eroding the transparency and rigor of its assessments, procedures, and interactions with stakeholders.

Read more about NPC's concerns in the full comment letter. 

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