Webcast: Priorities for Patient-Centered Care in Oncology

On a recent webcast, NPC Vice President of Health Services Research Kimberly Westrich discusses the importance of patient-centered care and the benefits and opportunities of incorporating patient-reported measures in value-based oncology payment models.

Incorporating patient input into health care payment and reimbursement methods helps to hold stakeholders accountable for outcomes that matter to patients. Value-based payment models reimburse providers based on the quality of the care they provide to patients, rather than the quantity of care (fee-for-service reimbursement).

In a Journal of Clinical Pathways webcast, Kimberly Westrich, vice president of health services research at the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), and Theresa Schmidt, vice president of Discern Health, discuss how incorporating patient-reported measures into value-based payment models can drive accountability in health care and bring value forward for the patient.

NPC and Discern collaborated on a recent article, “Patient Voices in Value-based Cancer Care Priorities for the Biden Administration,” published in JCP, that outlines opportunities and recommendations for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to prioritize patient voices by enhancing the use of patient-reported measures in value-based payment models in oncology.

“We want patient to have access to the medicines that they need, the ones that are most appropriate for them and the highest value,” Westrich said. “CMS value-based payment can help make that happen.”

Watch the full webcast here.