Webinar: Access to Specialty Medications & Value-Based Insurance Design

Specialty medications have been making health care headlines because of their effectiveness and higher costs. How can we ensure that patients will have access to the treatments that work best for them? In this webinar, leading health and benefits experts discuss specialty medications and the use of tactics such as value-based insurance design (V-BID) by payers and purchasers as they develop their health care coverage options.

Dr. Mark Fendrick, director, Center for V-BID, University of Michigan, Dr. Will Shrank, chief scientific officer and chief medical officer, Provider Innovation and Analytics, CVS Health, and Dr. Brian Klepper, CEO, National Business Coalition on Health talk about the current health care environment and challenges with specialty medications and health benefit designs; how V-BID could be utilized to address these challenges; and, the employer’s view and steps they are taking to manage employee health. NPC Director of Health Services Research Kimberly Westrich moderated the discussion.