Webinar: Barriers to Paying for Value

Paying for prescription medicines based on their value to patients is increasingly seen as a promising technique to combat rising medication costs. But while other parts of the health care sector are moving rapidly toward value-based arrangements, why are biopharmaceutical manufacturers and payers holding back?

The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) held a webinar, "Barriers to Paying for Value," to highlight its white paper examining how regulatory barriers limit value-based contracting. NPC’s webinar discussed the impact of value-based contracting on access to biopharmaceuticals, barriers to financing curative therapies, a comprehensive solution for Medicaid’s Best Price policy and took a deeper dive into the anti-kickback statute. 

Speakers included:

  • Michael Ciarametaro (Moderator), MBA, Vice President of Research, National Pharmaceutical Council
  • Mark Trusheim, MSc, Strategic Director, NEWDIGS, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation
  • Matt Salo, Executive Director, National Association of Medicaid Directors
  • Tina Olson Grande, MHS, Senior Vice President for Policy, Healthcare Leadership Council