Webinar: Can We Bring Clarity, Consistency and Transparency to Payer Coverage Decisions?

There is a bit of a "black box" around the formulary decision-making process. As a result, decisions about treatment access are often unpredictable to patients, providers and biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

During this webinar, speakers discussed efforts to increase the clarity, consistency, and transparency of how evidence is applied by payers during the formulary decision-making process. They highlighted one approach that was evaluated and tested in a pharmacy and therapeutics setting and detailed in a recent article published in the peer-reviewed journal Pharmacy & Therapeutics.

Learn more about what happened during the pilot testing phase and next steps that are needed to make coverage decisions more understandable.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Jennifer Graff, Director, Comparative Effectiveness Research, National Pharmaceutical Council
  • Dr. Bonnie Dean, Principal Investigator, Research Services, Cerner Research
  • Dr. Kelly Ko, Research Scientist, Cerner Research
  • Dr. Saira Jan, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Management, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey; Clinical Professor, Rutgers, The  State University of New Jersey
  • Dr. Robert Dubois, Chief Science Officer, National Pharmaceutical Council (moderator)