Webinar: Mind the Gap: Improving Quality Measurement in Accountable Care Systems

The National Pharmaceutical Council's (NPC) webinar, Mind the Gap: Improving Quality Measurement in Accountable Care Systems, was moderated by Kimberly Westrich, MA, vice president, health services research, NPC, and featured:

  • Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, director, Health Care Innovation of Value Initiative, Brookings Institution, who discussed how accountable care systems can use quality measures to balance financial incentives;
  • Tom Valuck, MD, JD, partner, Discern Health, who explored key gaps in accountable care quality measure sets, particularly for high-cost specialty care and innovative treatment; and
  • Kate Goodrich, MD, MHS, director, Quality Measurement and Health Assessment Group, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), who provided insight into how CMS identify priorities for measurement and work with stakeholders to address gaps.

The webinar was held on February 26, 2015.

Related resources include NPC and Discern Health's study, Accountable Care Measures for High-Cost Specialty Care and Innovative Treatment: You Get What You Pay For—Improving Measures for Accountable Care, and a podcast with Dr. Goodrich.