Working Together to Deliver Innovation for Patients During COVID-19 and Beyond

What's at risk if we limit innovation? Read the commentary from NPC's John O'Brien in Chain Drug Review.

August 19, 2021

With more than 350 million vaccine doses administered in the U.S., protecting millions of Americans from the most devasting effects of COVID-19, the benefits of innovation are on full display. In a commentary published in Chain Drug Review, NPC President and CEO John M. O’Brien, PharmD, MPH,  explores the factors that contributed to the development of COVID-19 vaccines and explains the risks posed by policy proposals that disincentivize biopharmaceutical innovation.  

As the discussion on drug pricing heats up in Washington, D.C., Dr. O’Brien’s commentary stresses the importance of relying on sound research and analysis to inform decision-making and highlights key points that stakeholders should take away from existing studies:  

  • Innovation accounts for considerable gains in life expectancy (Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy). 

  • Innovation results in a positive return on investment for the health system (Health Affairs). 

  • Policy interventions like drug price controls are unlikely to make medicines more affordable for patients but can inhibit innovation (Xcenda).  

Dr. O’Brien’s commentary points to the reasons policymakers should navigate the current discussion with caution, recognizing the benefits of innovation for patients. He urges stakeholders to work together to foster an “environment that incentivizes innovation, reduces unnecessary regulation, and strikes a balance between innovation and the efficient use of dollars.” 

Read Dr. O’Brien’s full commentary on why innovation matters on the Chain Drug Review website.

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