The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) is a health policy research organization dedicated to the advancement of good evidence and science, and to fostering an environment in the United States that supports medical innovation.

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Bundled Payments

Bundled payments—which link payments for the multiple services beneficiaries receive during an episode of care—are intended to align reimbursement with the health care triple aim of improving the…

Brian Sils, MPP

Senior Research Associate

Brian Sils is the senior research associate at NPC. In this role, he supports senior research staff on a variety of initiatives related to the essential role of biopharmaceuticals in the health care…

Kimberly Westrich, MA

Vice President, Health Services Research

Kimberly Westrich is the vice president for health services research for the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC). Ms. Westrich has been with NPC since 2000 and is responsible for leading research…