Haley McKeefer, PharmD, MHA, MS

Rutgers-NPC 2024 - 2026 Health Policy & Communications Fellow

Haley McKeefer, PharmD, MHA, MS, is the NPC-Rutgers 2024 - 2026 Health Policy & Communications Fellow and recently graduated from the University of North Texas Health Science Center College of Pharmacy in Fort Worth, TX. Prior to her PharmD, Dr. McKeefer completed her Masters in Healthcare Administration (2023) and Masters of Science with an emphasis in Cardiovascular Physiology (2020) at UNTHSC. Her undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering with an emphasis on biomaterials and drug delivery systems.

She has been heavily involved in a variety of research topics throughout her diverse studies with experience in literature review, subject recruitment, data analysis, manuscript writing, and presentation in numerous formats. While pursuing her doctorate, Dr. McKeefer conducted research on student pharmacist mental health during quarantine and the impact of interprofessional learning within a student-led critical care clinical simulation. In addition to her academic research, Dr. McKeefer is a skilled communicator and has authored numerous editorial pieces on addressing vaccine hesitancy, empowering student pharmacist leadership, supporting pharmacy advocacy, and more. She is passionate about highlighting the positive impact pharmacists & pharmacy personnel make on the pharmaceutical ecosystem.

Over the course of her fellowship, Dr. McKeefer will work to continue making a positive impact on the lives of patients through the power of the pharmacy profession, exploring issues related to health spending, alternative payment models, and biopharma innovation through research and impactful communications.