NPC Participates in the National Alliance 2022 Leadership Summits, June 27-28

NPC looks forward to supporting the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions 2022 Leadership Summits as a bronze sponsor.

NPC Attends National Alliance 2022 Leadership Summits, June 27-28 in Detroit

The 6th Annual National Alliance Summits will feature creative solutions to building and maintaining vibrant, high-performing, healthy organizations. The program will tackle the tough issues of the pandemic era and focus on breakthrough innovations with evidence-based results. This two-day event is broken into three summits:

  • Fiduciary & Affordability
  • Rebuilding Trust & Transparency
  • Humanistic Health

Thought leaders from a wide variety of public and private organizations attend the Annual Leadership Summits to:

  • Network and learn from one another
  • Discover the latest successful health and wellbeing strategies and solutions
  • Learn to influence delivery and payment reform, total person health, and health policy
  • Further their professional development
  • Prepare for the future of workplace health and benefits

NPC is a bronze sponsor, exhibitor, and member of the Alliance’s National Health Leadership Council.

For additional information, visit the National Alliance website.

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