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News from Monday, May 17, 2021


The Trade-Off for Price Controls: Are We Willing to Accept Fewer Medicines?

(5/16, Michael Ciarametaro, MBA, National Pharmaceutical Council Blog) comments “...Sustaining and improving patient health should be the goal of policymakers and every health care stakeholder. Maintaining incentives for innovation that promote high-value care, care that makes real progress against life-threatening diseases and life-challenging chronic conditions, should be a top priority. On May 26, I will be joining experts from academia and other industries in a webinar to explore the tradeoffs between price controls and access and innovation. This webinar, hosted by the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, will focus on specific policy proposals that either directly or indirectly control the price of drugs, including international reference pricing, price inflation rebates and Medicare benefit redesign, among others.” Full

How Shared Decision-Making, Patient Decision Aids Impact Cost, Utilization

(5/14, Matthew Gavidia, The American Journal of Managed Care) reports “...Panelists of a session presented this week at the Pharmacy Quality Alliance 2021 Annual Meeting noted that SDM and PtDAs' influence on medication adherence may signal beneficial cost implications from these patient-centered strategies. ‘Stakeholders often assume that engaging in SDM will reduce health care costs, which is the third part of the Triple Aim’ said panelist Kimberly Westrich, vice president of Health Services Research at the National Pharmaceutical Council. ‘They think it might do this by empowering patients to make treatment decisions that reduce unnecessary, invasive, or costly care, but the actual impacts of SDM and PtDAs on cost and utilization have not been well studied.’” Full

Guselkumab Demonstrates Favorable Joint and Skin Efficacy Compared With Other Targeted Therapies in Psoriatic Arthritis

(5/17, Amit Akirov, MD, Rheumatology Advisor) reports “...Guselkumab 100 mg every 8 weeks or every 4 weeks was associated with comparable efficacy to IL-17A and TNF inhibitors for both ACR responses and the vdH-S score (except intravenous TNF therapies). Except 2 studies, all reported PASI 75 response; most studies reported PASI 90 response and a few reported PASI 100 response. Compared with other treatments, guselkumab every 8 weeks had better PASI 75 and PASI 90 responses, indicating a greater impact on skin manifestations. Comparisons vs guselkumab every 4 weeks were similar with those vs guselkumab every 8 weeks for all PASI responses.” Full

ADAPTABLE Provides Answers on Aspirin Dosing, Conduct of Pragmatic Trials

(5/15, Erik Swain, Cardiology Today) reports “Among patients with atherosclerotic CVD, there was no difference in CV events or major bleeding according to aspirin dose, researchers reported at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session. The open-label, pragmatic, randomized controlled ADAPTABLE trial was the first to use PCORnet, a network established by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute for comparative effectiveness research.” Full

Press Releases

Lower- and Higher-Dose Aspirin Achieve Similar Protection and Safety for People with Cardiovascular Disease

(5/15, PCORI Press Release) “...‘We found that both doses had similar effectiveness and safety, and while there were differences in dose switching between the groups, generally patients with heart disease should take low-dose aspirin given its tolerability and no clear benefit with higher doses of daily aspirin,’ said Schuyler Jones, MD, the study’s principal investigator at the Duke Clinical Research Institute.” Full


Comparative Effectiveness of Guselkumab in Psoriatic Arthritis: Results from Systematic Literature Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Philip J Mease, et al.
May 2021, Rheumatology

Comparative Effectiveness of Aspirin Dosing in Cardiovascular Disease

W. Schuyler Jones, M.D., et al.
May 15, 2021, The New England Journal of Medicine



Webinar: Price Controls: Understanding the Risks and Tradeoffs

May 26, 2021 | 12:00 - 1:00PM
Council for Affordable Health Coverage