NPC Presentations @ AMCP 26th Annual Meeting

Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL

CER Collaborative Initiative contributors presented "Incorporating Comparative Effectiveness Research Knowledge and Tools into Practice: Three Perspectives" at AMCP's 26th Annual Meeting & Expo on April 3. The panel discussed how an online assessment tool is being used in pharmacy and therapeutics committees, academia and the pharmaceutical industry. The tool was developed by the CER Collaborative, a group composed of the AMCP, the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research and NPC.

Also on Thursday, April 3, NPC research partner, The Benfield Group, presented "Approaches to Prescription Benefit Design in Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs)." 

This roundtable discussion presented key findings and conclusions from a survey of jumbo, self-insured employers who offer CDHPs. Chuck Reynolds, MS, president, The Benfield Group, answered the following questions: Are the more thoughtful employers also more satisfied with the performance of their CDHP benefit strategies? What best practices and lessons can be taken from highly satisfied employers?